| Selected exhibition trailers created for Contemporary Arts Museum Houston |

Right Here, Right Now: San Antonio

June 2018

The artworks brought together in Right Here, Right Now: San Antonio attest to the richness of the city’s creative community. Rather than attempting to provide a generalized, lay-of-the-land exhibition—which is a fraught notion—Right Here, Right Now: San Antonio instead looks to the rich dialogues that are possible when extraordinary artworks are brought together in constellation. Seen together, these artworks open up cross-generational dialogues around notions of materiality, identity, and performativity. From paintings and unique stitcheries to immersive video environments, ceramic sculpture, and live performances, CAMH is pleased to expand the geographic scope of this exhibition series with a presentation of artworks by San Antonio-based artists.

Annabeth Rosen on Bundles

September 2017

Bundles A marked shift in Annabeth Rosen’s work occurred between 2013 and 2015 when she refined her notion of the “mashup.” Rather than binding disparate elements together, the artist reconceived her practice by structuring her sculptural forms as elegant friezes focused on form and color. The bundles of shapes are smaller and held in place with strips of rubber similar to that found in bicycle inner tubes, rather than wire. The surfaces also become primarily green and slip-cast white. With titles like Brooze (2013) and Brundle (2012), the sculptures reveal a more lighthearted and humorous approach to the work.

JooYoung Choi: A Better Yesterday
June 2017

"A Better Yesterday" at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston in the Zilkha Gallery from May 20–September 3, 2017. Featuring work by JooYoung Choi, Jack Early, and Lily van der Stokker. This video features footage from JooYoung Choi’s studio as she and her assistant prepare her installation Somnioplexic Resonance.

Paul Ramirez Jonas “His Truth Is Marching On”

June 2017

Like many music boxes and player pianos, this large instrument was built to play a single song. Using the instrument’s mallet to tap the water-filled bottles in succession will play the song “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” also known as “Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory,” and before that as “John Brown’s Body.”

The Interview: Red, Red Future

June 2016

Human colonization of Mars is expected to begin in the coming decades as NASA and independent space ventures partner with corporate investors to explore the future of life on the planet. The recent discovery of flowing water on Mars’s surface fuels speculation that the red planet may already support life. Within this extraordinary context, the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston is pleased to present "THE INTERVIEW: Red, Red Future," a solo exhibition by the artist MPA presented in CAMH’s Zilkha Gallery. Working closely with the artist, CAMH has commissioned an entirely new body of work: a dynamic installation that combines sculpture, light, and photography; a participatory work in which visitors can converse with the artist via phone; and an artist’s publication. Combining advanced technology and Minimalist aesthetics, MPA’s work sheds light on invisible forces and power.