| Leave Your Shoes At The Door |
| 2011 |

I was asked to help coordinate an arts event benefiting a company that provides shoes to developing nations.

When I was released from prison I started taking photos, skateboarding and making art constantly. With no place to show art, I decided to ask my friend Jeff if I could organize an impromptu pop-up exhibition. It was this that made me visible to the organizer.

It was a lot of work and all of my money. My friend Eric designed the flyer using my photos. My sister Rhonda worked the door, I mc'd and ran the raffle for art work. We had art from the high school, greater community and some from friends in California. My favorite band, Harold Borup played, as did Earhart and kthanksbye. My friend Fabian did a live painting which we raffled along with some other artworks. We raised a bit of money, some of which was used to send the shoes off.

The remainder was burning a hole in my mind so I kept it with me in the case that some worthy organization might spring forth randomly. And it did. The women's crisis center had a pop-up booth at the junior college I was attending. I ran to get them money.

It was pretty meaningful for me because there was a time when I lived in the women's crisis center for a couple weeks.