Birds, 2013-2014

Birds focuses on the abstraction of the animal within its environment

Society, 2013-18

Society explores the human experience, juxtapositioning persons, elements and environments

Our Dystopian Future, 2013-2016

Our Dystopian Future draws its influences from and makes reference to dystopic graphic novels


Earth, 2013-2017

Earth is a series of landscapes collages

Broken Feed, 2013
Broken Feed is a series inspired by the creative talent of musician and visual artist Jonathan Jindra, who performs as Cyclea

Egg, 2016

Egg reimagines eggshell as a container full of light and mystery

Lights, 2015-2017

Lights looks the subtle and frantic nature of headlights within an urban environment

New Moon, 2013-2018

New Moon reimagines the world, presenting the it anew,  while drawing attention to the our daily experiences

The Murders, 2015

The Murders is a series created in conjunction with a photo series that depicts multiple scenes where a crime has been committed.