| Selected works created in collaboration with Project Row Houses |

100 Years of Beuys:
In Conversation with Linda Shearer, Rick Lowe, and Alison Weaver

October 2021

This is a special discussion in partnership with Goethe Pop Up Houston honoring the centenary Joseph Beuys.

His theory of “social sculpture” (Soziale Plastik) envisions art as having a formative effect on society. Through this lens, all actors and aspects of social life may change their conditions to restructure and shape society rather than to simply produce tangible artifacts.

The discussion brings together artist and co-founder of Project Row Houses Rick Lowe, founding Executive Director of the Moody Center for the Arts at Rice University Alison Weaver, and life-long artist advocate and former-Executive Director of Project Row Houses Linda Shearer.

Sugar Water
Jasmine Zelaya

April 2020

This installation explores themes of identity and the experience of inhabiting brown skin. “Sugar Water” plays with the idea of adding sweetness through color, which is used strategically and sparingly. Silver and kitsch materials are used in abundance to reference the Mylar solar blankets used in detention centers. Drawn portraits are inspired by pictures of my parents in 1970’s Manhattan, soon after they immigrated to the US. These pictures embody the possibilities as immigrants to the US, and adopting the life and fashion of the times and of their new home. Ideas of assimilation and of coming from two worlds are referenced through the use of pop culture iconography. In Tops Drop, the title references the song “Tops Drop” by Fat Pat, and is an Ode to growing up in the richly diverse Houston, and the musically specific soundtrack of the Houston rap scene. The KISS mask is a visual icon used as metaphor for my experience as a first generation daughter of immigrants.

Flowers are used as graphic patterns, familial narratives and matriarchal symbols. Silver and kitsch materials are used in abundance to reference the Mylar solar blankets used in detention centers.

Carol Zou | exercises for the invisible enemy
2017 CASE-PRH Fellowship

January 2018

Carol Zou "exercises for the invisible enemy / 太极拳反对无形敌人 a performative tai chi lecture on spatial capitalism"

equal parts auto-orientalism, cultural recuperation, and critique of capitalism, exercises for the invisible enemy utilizes the tai chi practice of occupying public space to deconstruct capitalism’s spatial (il)logic. in other words, learn how to practice tai chi and resist gentrification at the same time.

平等的东方主义,文化恢复和对资本主义的批评,太极拳反对无形敌人利用占领公共空间来解构资本主义的地理逻辑。 换句话说,练习太极拳,同时抗拒高档化。