| An archive of selected small sculptural works |

Second Ward, Houston, Texas | 2020

A site specific sculpture created with all intents and purposes to have myself be publicly accessed, watched, harassed, recorded and potentially murdered on camera to spur my community to create a call to action to protect and respect the lives and livelihoods of black people.

Foltz Fine Art | 2020

A site specific sculpture representative of the cavernous spaces in our minds that hold our traumas. The sculpture, intended to catch the eyes of the passerby, presents the vantage point of an individual who has found themselves in a space with new friends. Intended to evoke an introspective reflection, the sculpture asks the viewer to imagine those around them as equally affected and in need of patience, kindnesses and tenderness.

Box 13 Artspace | 2017

A site-specific yarn installation which offered a physical form and spatial features to the varying color combinations and blends that can be seen as the sun falls just below the horizon. The installation presents a different perspective on how sunsets have the ability wash over any and everything that is exposed to it.

Bohemeo’s Cafe | 2019

A site specific sculpture whose title is derived from an incident where barista Ray mistook the beginnings of a previous installation as a practical joke. In an attempt to clear the space prior to opening Ray accidentally destroyed the sculpture.

Arc House | 2019

A site specific sculpture installed at the base of a flood resistant home in Houston’s 1st Ward. The sculpture welcomed guests as they entered the space, but asked that they manuever through the environment with caution as it swelled and crested around them.


Flatland Gallery | 2019

A site specific sculpture created during a residency curated by Internal Eternal at Flatland Gallery. The sculpture, erected in the patio of the gallery space reached out past the seating area, over the fencing anchoring itself to neighboring businesses, trees and street signage.

Harrisburg Art Museum | 2018

An installation representative of the goals, aspirations and growth I projected upon myself in 2018. At one of the lowest points in my life, I was still able to envision and project highlights into my future.

This installation was dedicated to the community that supported my growth over the years that continues to motivate and inspire me to aspire to be more active, engaged and supportive of others.

Lost Ward Gallery | 2014

A site specific sculpture created in an alternative space during a period of homelessness, this installation existed as an apology to another artist whose fiber art I did not initially appreciate. Feelings of remorse spurred the exploration into fiber art and large scale sculptural installations. Created with intended purpose of expanding what the artist produced to into a three-dimensional artform, this sculpture also allowed for the expansion of my art practice.


Hardy & Nance Studios | 2019

Created in conjunction with Hardy and Nance Studios’ 2019 Art Crawl, the sculpture references previous works exhibited in 2018’s Dimensions and 2014’s Grand Clopening, acknowledges the personal and professional growth. Highlights [To Exist Within] is the figurative representation of projected highlights made manifest within Hardy and Nance Studios exhibition space. The new environment transported the audience into a neon forest of tree-like sculptures. Inviting the audience to participate in moments of pause and reflection, the sculture created space for passage through the it's trunk-like structures.


Houston Makerspace | 2015

A site specific sculpture created in the entrance of Houston Makerspace existed as a memorial to friend my dear friends Alice Alsup, Jeff Hunter and Brad Powell who passed away in the summer months of 2014. The installation utilized real sycamore branches and leaves to emphasize interconnected nature of existence and the foreboding presence of its temporality.


Downtown, Houston | 2019

A guerilla exploration social sculpture, For Public Consumption, was an investigation into the community’s responsibility in the maintenance of the shared immediate environment. The location selected due to a recognizing of the carefully sculpted landscape underneath discarded belongings, waste, branches and overgrowth.  Transformed, the park was maintained regularly until the sculpture was voluntarily removed. Since this engagement the park has remained groomed.


Space HL | 2019

This site specific sculpture addresses access and agency in a tangible form, encouraging the performative navigation of a physically present conversation defined by flesh tones and their intersections.