Jessie Anderson
Stories Within City Limits , 2014-2018

Stories Within City Limits presents the stories of individuals within the greater area of Houston, Texas

Devil Killing Moth: Soundcheck
In The Studio, 2015

In The Studio is a docuseries that provides insight into the recording process of Houston-based music acts.

Ilea Henderson
In The Streets, 2013-2014

In The Streets is a minidocumentary series that offers a window into an individual’s ideas, thoughts and personality

Xuan-Nhan Cornett
Ten, 2014

Ten scratches the surface of the artist’s practice and offers insight to the efforts, intentions and motivations of each artist within a ten-minute minidocumentary

August 13, 2013
Unused Minutes, 2014-2018

Unused Minutes is a project that shares edited previously unused raw footage to show the experiences from the selected dates

557 Allen Parkway
Place, 2013

Place is a series that explores the relationships between time, location and memory and how that can be expressed through non-narrative imagery.