Ronald Llewellyn Jones


An accumulative online journal which includes social media posts and reflective essays

Continuum First Drafts:

Reflecting on the history of a want and an action to see it through.
February 2024

Atelier de la Nature:

Reflecting on time spent collaborating in Louisiana
October 2023

For Jesse:

Reflecting on the sharing time and space with prolific Houston artist Jesse Lott.
July 2023


Reflecting on the a three-dimensional recreation of space.
July 2023

For Corey:

Reflecting on the passing of a community member.
May 2023

Being Found:

Reflecting on being published.
March 2023

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Current & Upcoming

A catalog of events, exhibitions and happenings

Saturday, November 4, 2023
2 PM - 3 PM

Houston Museum of African American Culture

The panel discussion and event coinciding with upcoming exhibition ‘8x5 Houston’, a public art campaign named for the size of an average prison cell. This panel discussion aims to raise awareness and provide an outlet for community participation around mass incarceration, art and activism.

The 8x5 Houston event will be hosted here at the Houston Museum of African American Culture and moderated by HMAAC's Chief Curator Christopher Blay.

Featured speakers include:

Ronald L. Jones (@ronaldllewellynjones), a Houston-based artist and documentary filmmaker, engaging conversations regarding individuals and their respective communities within normative societal structures.

Faylita Hicks (@faylitahicks), a formerly incarcerated artist, using poetry, video, and live performances to advocate for the lives of marginalized people.

Jay Jenkins (@texascje), the Harris County Project Attorney at the Texas Center for Justice and Equity, who additionally serves as co-founder of the Convict Leasing and Labor Project.

Kendrick Sampson (@kendrick38), actor and Co-Founder of @bldpwr, a non-profit organization supporting development, empowerment and change within marginalized groups and American society.

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