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An accumulative online journal which includes social media posts and reflective essays

Holding Space:

Reflecting on the decade of absence of three community members.
June 2024

[Be Still]:

Reflecting on the continuation and conversion of a video series to a multidisciplinary project.
June 2024

We Are Deserving Of A Safe Community:

Reflecting on the sexual abuse and breach of trust perpetrated by a former Houston arts and community leader.
April 2024

On Crossing No Horizon:

Reflecting on the inspiration for “Cross No Horizon”.
April 2024

Continuum First Drafts:

Reflecting on the history of a want and an action to see it through.
February 2024

Atelier de la Nature:

Reflecting on time spent collaborating in Louisiana
October 2023

For Jesse:

Reflecting on the sharing time and space with prolific Houston artist Jesse Lott.
July 2023


Reflecting on the a three-dimensional recreation of space.
July 2023

For Corey:

Reflecting on the passing of a community member.
May 2023

Being Found:

Reflecting on being published.
March 2023

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Current & Upcoming

A catalog of events, exhibitions and happenings

Saturday, July 6, 2024

Menil Park
1400 Branard St
Houston, TX 77006

Holding space offers a chance for those who were impacted by, familiar with, or inspired by Alice Alsup, Jeff Hunter or Brad Powell to come together, reflect on their shared experiences, and acknowledge the emotional weight of their absence.

2024 will mark a decade of their absence and as such a want to share space to recall and reminisce has arisen within many community members. It is with this in mind that we invite you to share space with us, in what was once the congregational locale for many of us in 2014, Menil Park.

Halloween Art and Nature Festival
Saturday, October 26, 2024

Atelier de la Nature
1050 Andrew Gautreaux Rd
Arnaudville, LA 70512

This year's theme will be “Creepy Crawlers” inspired by the 1960’s activity game that taught children to cast plastic insects and other ‘creepy’ organisms out of molds.

This year Atelier de la Nature will host four Southern artists as they create bug and other creepy-crawler-themed sculptures from recycled metals using a portable casting furnace and blacksmithing forge installed onsite at the Atelier grounds.

In addition, there will be live insects, giant arachnids, amazing arthropods, pickled sea roaches, segmented bodies, exoskeleton suits of armor, antennae and much more!

Our 2024 festival mascot is “Franken-Mantis” by artist and biologist Cheyenne Eagles.

The festival will be on Saturday, October 26, 2024, from 10-4, with film screenings starting at 6, other nocturnal activities and camping after for those that want to.

Start getting your beetlejuices flowing and make sure to save the date!

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