360° MURAL
| 2017-2018 |

After brainstorming the logistics of a personal project and finding conflicts that would prevent its initiation, I decided to offer the opportunity to one of my favorite artists - Nina Marinick. The 360° Mural Project is an initiative that I have curated over the past year within my living space, which I have given the name Sayers Gallery. The gallery activates and acts as a safe space for Houston-based women muralists, providing an opportunity to showcase their respective artistic talents.

Artists receive keys and have has full access to both the larger living room space, where the mural is located as well as the smaller dining room area where they have the opportunity to sell smaller works. Exhibiting artists receive 100% of the proceeds from the smaller works sold and the gallery does not claim ownership of any portion of the works produced, but does store the previous murals one-site.

These muralists work primarily on commission-based opportunities, lending their creative prowess to a contractor’s preconceived ideas. Having witnessed their unique approaches and perspectives I wanted to facilitate further personalized experimentations. I planned to do this by offering each artist a modest stipend and a three-month work period to produce a work that is wholly of their own imaginative production. Each exhibition has an opening ceremony and is viewable for a period of one month, culminating in a closing ceremony.

Sayers projects are made possible by the contributions, efforts and participation of Jennie Ash, Jonathan Perez and Hermie Escamillo, Debbie Calaris, Joseph and Alex Marinick, Badita Paprie, Eduardo Herrera, Cris Skelton and Jessi Bowman, Darcy Rosenberger and Tarik Belhoutchet, Martha Casillas, Patricia Torres, Guadalupe Rocha and Eugenia Legarda, Latricio Perez, Sylvia Blanco, Anat Ronen, Dean Liscum and Sophie, St. Arnold’s Brewery and everyone that visited as well as those that liked, commented and shared the events and posts promoting the initiative.