A Memory


    [A Memory] is video series that highlights moments in time that hold space, not only in my mind, but also on my computer's hard drive.

    Memory is an intangible, yet priceless possession. Much what is recalled may never hold space within or be of any significance to those outside the shared or lived experiences that become memorable for others.

    At some point we will become the sole bearers of our experiences. We will forget experiences, people, places and things. We will, at some point in time, be forgotten. Our stories, communities, our very existence some day will evaporate.

    [A Memory], like many other video projects I have produced, exists to push you, I, and everyone we know into a future we may never experience. The weight of our memories, our experiences, is made lighter when they are shared, especially in ways that does not require a living, breathing body to move them through time.

    In many ways, much of what I create, have created and will go on to create exists, or will exist as a record of us, our experiences as well as the times and circumstances we lived in.