A New Framework:

Reflecting on a collaborative effort to manifest a new sculptural work.
November 2020

    I'd been wishing to work light into my larger sculptural works, but never had the budget or opportunity through an institution. I found these lights at Hobby Lobby when I was looking for model trees and turf. I had them for about eight months before I opened them and realized that I needed to by a power adapter.

I knew I didn't have the real know-how to make a custom case and didn't trust anyone to produce what I wanted without compromise. As luck would have it, Patrick Renner helped me to see a frame to fruition. It was just an idea that I wanted to see through.

It took about three or four months before I actually had time to touch it. In that time, life happened. Ideas swirled and the amorphous blob of an idea started to take shape. I knew it would be a part of a series of sculptures I've titled Lightening.

Lightening borrows from the phrase "capturing lightening in a bottle." The series depicts a single strand of gold floss ricocheting, penetrating and circumnavigating suspended lucite sheets in three-dimensional space.

The series depicts ascension through perseverance in the face of invisible obstacles and glass ceilings.