A Way [A Will]

Art League Houston, Sculpture Garden

A Way [A Will] exists as a tangible illustration of an individual’s trajectory through a life cycle. Acrylic sheets hover overhead, illuminated by a stand of EL Wire. The light force moves through the field of acrylic sheets which are representations of the hidden costs and glass ceilings we encounter in life.

The sculpture presents a physical manifestation of a gilded path, inviting the audience to witness the hidden parts of an individual's journey. Following the path through a system of ricochets, deflections, penetrations and moments of circumnavigation, it is possible to see how obstacles inhibit, reinforce or disengage a range of trajectories.

This artwork offers an opportunity for self-reflection upon our obligation to members of a global society. It exists as an abstraction that allows an individual to see themselves and also others as part of the same journey, traversing a similar structured network of obstacles.

There are two versions of the installation that live in the minds of Art League Houston's patrons. The first iteration speaks to a future journey, including a path that bridges a gap. However, the light element did not function. I took that to mean I, personally had yet to traverse that portion of the path.

The second iteration, the current version, does not extend out and over the gapped area. It spends a greater amount of time within that open space above the seating area; a space where the obstacles create a wall of obstruction. I feel this best represents where I am currently. Manuvering around the obstacles I am currently aware of and investigating my surroundings before pursuing a pathway forward.

This site specific sculpture is dedicated to Art League Houston Executive Director Jennie Ash, Galveston Arts Center Curator Dennis Nance, Guadalupe Rocha and Shayna Schlosberg: individuals who supported me, unreservedly, through one of the most difficult times in my adult life.

Extremely grateful for all the support that carried me out of a dark place, assisting me out of tunnel and into the light.