ACLU & The Floyd Family:

Reflecting on the opportunity to contribute to the family of George Floyd and their pursuit of justice.
June 2020

    Yesterday my brother Stephen Wilson reached out to inquire if I would be interested in documenting a video statement, very last minute. There's nothing I dislike more than taking on last minute jobs with very quick turnarounds. So I was not only skeptical, but nearing pessimistic.
    When I asked what the video would be used for, he began to explain that Philonise Floyd, George Floyd's brother, would be arriving at ACLU's Houston office to record a video that would be shown at the United Nations the next day. I cut him off before he finished the sentence, "Fuck yeah!"

    In the video Philonise implores UN leaders to create a review committee to begin an inquiry into the treatment of Black people in America and the treatment of protesters as well. Something I very earnestly believe needs to happen in order for America to finally acknowledge accountability for its treatment of Black people and protesters fighting for equality in this country.

    I am extremely appreciative of and humbled by the honor of sharing space with this family and playing a very very small part in creating a much needed change in the landscape for Black people in America and the world.