After The CASM Auction:

Reflecting on the completion of CASM’s successful benefit supporting Houston Immigration and Legal Services Collaborative.
December 2019

    It is our hope that we find you well and in good spirits after such a long pause in communication. After three long months of researching, planning and executing our first initiative we all really needed a break to recuperate.

This work, though very labor intensive has been extremely rewarding. It was our aim to raise awareness of the immigration crisis along our borders, the agencies on the front lines and to illustrate potential actionable steps that we as a creative community could initiate. It is our belief that we were able to do just that!

During our break we eagerly awaited the final tally regarding the amount of funds raised. As of yesterday we received word from Kate Vickery, HILSC's Executive Director, that they finally received the proceeds from the Eventbrite purchases.

We at CASM would like to share this really amazing news with you! With all of your contributions totaled we have been able to provide the organization with $7,958!! There are no words for how exciting this is for us and how much all of your support and encouragement has meant along this path! We are all just so extremely grateful for you and hope that we can count on your support in our future endeavors!


It should be noted that not all financial contributors are listed within the HILSC document as they only had access to the names of those attendants and collectors that made contributions directly to their website the night of our benefit.


At this time we would like to express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for those not listed (in chronological order of date donations were received): Ronald L. Jones, Terry Suprean, Anne Chandler, Poppi Massey, Lara Taber, Guadalupe Rocha, Jessica Kreutter, Ashley Clemmer, Katy Atkiss, Dean Liscum, Diana Sanchez, Mariah Rockefeller, Robert Wray, Christian Squier, Maria Squier, Janine Hughes, Georgette Preysberg, Kathryne De Leon and Jennie Ash.

Thank you all so very much!! Sincerely,