Awty International Residency:

Reflecting on my time during a weekslong residency at Awty International School.
March 2019

   Today I stopped by Erica Aguirre’s 1st grade art class to speak about creating three dimensional sculptures, both large and small, using string.

    Its a great thing that I started creating the smaller sculptures, because having a physical reference really helps explain some of the choices I have to make when creating the larger forms.

    Erica and I turned over some of the tables in the classroom and passed out lengths of yarn, giving them an opportunity to collaboratively create an installation of their own.

    It was a lot of fun sitting back and watching their young minds find ways to collaborate in separate groups and ultimately connecting the two installations.

    As you can see from the last photo, I was really, really happy with their final product.

Photos by: Erica Aguirre