Classrooms In Conversation:

Thoughts on my trip to YES!Prep Southeast.
October 2018

    Earlier this week I was invited to YES Prep Southeast to speak to arts educator Annie McAllister’s classroom. I was able to speak about my own path into the arts, which did not take form until long after I’d graduated high school.

    I used this opportunity to address some of the personal struggles I’ve experienced while seeking validation within the arts. I felt it was important to present a grounded representation of this journey as there is so much left to the imagination when speaking about artists and arts culture.

    For example, not all creatives have the opportunity or generated income to sustain themselves based on their creative talents. Most of us have full time jobs. Some artists are able to tailor their creative talents and interests in a variety ways that allows for them to hold creative or more rewarding positions within a work environment. I was able to share that for others this is not always an available path.

    I stressed the idea of community and recognizing the needs of other creatives that you may be working in conversation with. I believe that with a greater sense of community the needs of the many can be met and a more inclusive arts community and arts culture can be made possible.