For Jesse:

Reflecting on the sharing time and space with prolific Houston artist Jesse Lott.
July 2023

    In 2016 I had the honor and privilege to document and interview Jesse Lott for Art League Houston in conjunction with his Artist in Action exhibition which was in coordination with his being the recipient of ALH's Lifetime Achievement Award the same year.

    It was such an awesome experience to be invited into his studio, to be able to see the bits and pieces he'd collected that would eventually metamorphosize into both small and large creations. It was even more of a pleasure to be able to sit and speak with him about his art, work and what motivates his spirit to continue on his path of creator and mentor.

    I loved to see Jesse out in the world. It made my day that much brighter knowing that I existed on the same timeline and was also able to share space with him at so many art events and happenings. Being around Jesse just felt like being hugged without there being a need for a physical touch. He was a bright and warm light, one which I am so grateful to have been able to stand in it for as long as I was able.

    I'm really going to miss seeing him in those overalls, wearing that strawhat being himself wherever he could be found. I'm going to miss his smile and his laugh. As much as I will miss him, I'm just so grateful for the opportunity to have known him at all.