Highlights [Realized]

All About Art, Chapter 6
Bad Astronaut Brewing


       Highlights [Realized] is the third installation referencing highlights, or the possibilities of successes projected into a uncertain future. The first iteration of the series titled Highlights, was part of Dimensions, an installation centered art exhibition held at Harrisburg Art Museum (or HAM). The sculpture made reference to aspirations held for a positive outcome for a decision that would have ripple effects, reverberating throughout my professional and artistic career. It contained elements from a time when, while being unhoused, I found a pathway to a better future.

    Highlights [To Exist Within], an installation which marked the presence of those successes projected from its previous iteration in the present atmosphere. The black light reactive sculpture took over the gallery space at Hardy & Nance Studios during the 2019 Art Crawl.

    Highlights [Realized] is realization of my compounded hopes and goals presented in conversation with artists, vendors and collaborators at All About Art, Chapter 6 held in the flex space at Bad Astronaut Brewing.