In Appreciation Of Austin:

Reflecting on community response.
November 2022

    I don't usually do this, in fact, I never do this; however I am making an exception because something exceptional has happened.

    I traveled to Austin to participate in a collaborative effort with TV Head, Loria Mendoza, LeahKate BlaisingOriginator Studios along with a host of Austin artists, performers and vendors. I didn't pay any attention to the weather, as is my custom. A very irresponsible custom, I might add.

    Upon arriving, I did however decide to check the forecast and found that within the next 24 hours I would experience heavy rain, which would be ushering a cold front that would bring temperatures down into the low 30s. This was not the weather I prepared for as I'd only brought sandals for shoes.

    This is where the awesome folks from Helm Boots come into the picture. The folks at Originator Studios reached out to these kind folks and they straight up gave me a pair of boots and socks.

    So, this is an appreciation post centering the opportunity, the comradery and an authentic community building experience that came during my time here in Austin.