Jeff, Come Along For The Ride:

Reflecting on planting memories.
June 2024

    At Jeff's memorial service there were several mementos that we were able to take home with us in remembrance of him. One of the pieces was a paper-like material that once planted would sprout into a plant. I knew I wouldn't be able to take care of whatever grew, because I can't manage to keep a succulent alive.

    In 2016, I, along with my friends Guadalupe and Josh took a road trip to New Mexico to stay in Michael's home in Montezuma, outside Las Vegas, New Mexico. I don't know why, maybe I thought I would plant the seed paper from Jeff's memorial along the way, or maybe near where we were staying. I simply felt that I wanted to bring him, or the memory of his never ending intrigue and interest in the arts and creative expression.

    It was coming up on our last days in New Mexico and wanting to act up on the information I received from Jasmine and Eric, I coxed everyone into driving into Santa Fe to make the grand opening of the Meow Wolf exhibition space. Along for the ride was Jeff's seedling memorial paper. I didn't know why I brought it, but I wanted to bring Jeff along. At some point I found myself in a room by myself and thought that it would be a great idea to hide the paper within the space. I didn't want to plant it, I didn't want whatever grew from the seeds to find itself uprooted prematurely.

    In my mind, the seeds, in this instance representative of his presence, memory and love of the arts; they would have a home where art would always be present and fresh. I wanted there to be a piece of him existing in a space that would always be teeming with life, wonder and the same interest and intrigue that he carried within himself. And should the space someday be closed, moved or destroyed that then and only then would the seeds find there way into the soil.