On Image Abstractions:

Reflecting on the pathways which led to the investigation of a new creative medium.
June 2019

    I always tell the story of how I learned to do these types of pieces in long form. Mostly because I think all the steps and influences/influencers along that path are equally important.

    My good friend Marcus Wilson wanted to record his first demo and I reached out to my buddy Jeffrey Perales in Angleton. I promised to pay him for his work. Totally forgot. Later on he needed album art for his then new project and asked me to take photos to cover the debt.

    After sending the images he asked me to add text and format it for print. I didn't even have Photoshop. So, I pirated it and taught myself how. I accidentally planted an image on the project with different blend qualities and something magic happened.

    At the time I was spending most of my free time hanging out and co-working with another good friend Ilea Henderson in the Heights. After I finished that project I started exploring the possibilities through experimentation.

    For the next six months I was at Ilea's producing almost 1000 different pieces, some with multiple variations and color schemes until I felt I knew the process enough to produce whatever I could imagine.

Artwork based on artwork and photography by Chelsea Hrynick Browne