Plastic Futures:

Reflecting on thoughts of a consumer future.
August 2021

    I used to think that we died and that was the end of it. Before that I was taught that we lived forever, but in a special place created by a living deity. I was taught not to envision my time on Earth as finite and that I should not grow attached to worldly things. I was taught this by individuals who clearly coveted things of the Earth.

    We never die. We exist as energy, minerals, we give the Earth all that it provided back. We become the air, the insects, the prey and predators that feast upon them. We traverse the world freely as dust particles sweep from one land to another. We become part of their ancestry, we are transformed to sustain the cycle of life. When we die...when we metamorphosize, we become love. We, without any further effort, sustain the next generation. We sustain us all even in our new element.

    Those things we were taught to covet, the things we produce, things we cannot take with us, those that will remain for the next generation to carry into the future or to encapsulate within the moments of the past. Information. We are information. We produced educational tools. We are reduced to information. We move through the world as do blood cells within our veins. When our elements transform that information sweeps through the body like electric sparks navigating the synapses of our minds. We are a body. We are not waste. We generate waste.

    There are some that exist that only wish to produce, to create a coveting culture. They employ others to define their mission of deception in ways that hide the process, the intent, the waste. They produce what cannot reproduce. They remove information from the product to move the culture further, deeper into darknesses. A truth hidden in plain sight. Landfills. Waste. Enslavement. Bereavement. Entanglement. Mental Dissonance. Spiritual Sacrifices. These things do not break down. These things survive. The past has pushed them into our future. Our future does not exist if we attempt to reach it with these issues intact, unaddressed.

    Floating above, dancing in trees, cartwheeling across pastures, nestled under tree roots and grass blade networks, just below the surface, deep within the soil, sunbathing on the shore, cresting over waves, mistaken for and accepted as food then devoured by wildlife; wildlife captured, slaughtered, packaged and shipped across Earth’s body, ingested and deposited deeper within her body; joined by our ancestors who sustain us, poisoning their eternal souls: punishment for the past and the death stroke of the future. We have learned to poison ourselves and our futures for consumable goods and wears that do not die.

    The past generated a virus that has encompassed all living inhabitants. The past is at war with the future. We are the present. We are at the wheel. We are pilots on a crashing plane and we need all the passengers to take hold of the steering mechanisms and pull back to avoid the end of our tomorrows, the demolition of our past, the relinquishing of our present and the removal of all of our presence. It’s us or we will be forced to discover else.

I love you. I love us. I love what we could become. I love the future. I want to meet you there. I cannot wait to see you there. I hope there will be a ‘there’ for us.

    Thank y'all, I can never fully contextualize or express how much it means to have my bike back or how grateful I am that y'all went out of your way for me, especially given the circumstances.