Screenprints Of Björk:

Learning to screenprint with help from friends.
February 2019

    Inspired by local artist and designer @dreforgotten , I decided to learn how to make stencils. After learning how to make them I decided to offer a crash course tutorial for anyone that wanted to learn how to make a basic stencil with Photoshop.

    After learning from my friend @fatwaxpat that his job was hiring a screen printer, I decided I would learn to do that as well. Due primarily to the fact that cutting some of the things I had ideas for was not going to work with my ADD. I didn’t get that job. But, my friends Jessie Anderson and @nnnnnoooooooooo showed me how to while we were coworkers at CAMH. I love to share what I learn, so I asked if they would help me lead a workshop for friends.

    This month I start the awesome opportunity of instructing a screen printing class at @txrxlabs . This summer I will also be teaching a two week screen printing course for grade school kids. I’m super stoked because I can trace the path and can identify all the persons in the arts community that were instrumental along the way.

Artwork based on photography by  Joseph Cultice