Sou' Wester Arts Residency:

Reflecting on successfully receiving and executing an artist residency.
April 2021

    I finally was able to apply for, be awarded, participate in and successfully complete an artist residency! Can't even tell you how traumatic even applying for things is after being denied the previous one.

I am so grateful for Sou’Wester and Dawn Stetzel for making this opportunity possible and being so awesome during my time there.

I also got to reconnect with Jaz Henry and her family which was really, really awesome!

These are just some photos and videos that I took with my phone since I have decided to leave my camera at home for non-work related trips.

Oh! I got to see sealions for the first time, in real life! I literally was like, "Why would they just be playing a recording of sealions this loud?" And then, there they were.