Locke Surls Center For Art And Nature

TRANSIENT, as a concept, was initially intended to solely address a several decades old hideaway created in an escapist fantasy. The hideaway was a small handbuilt cabin in the woods, the contents of which at times consisted of the illusion of a pair of daughters. Internally, it existed as a place apart and far from the madding crowd, serving as a personal mental refuge. Externally, the physical space was to exist as a reprieve from the rising tide, rolling and cresting waves associated and operating in conjunction with forms of capitalism that are by design human rights violating, climate injustice inducing, and climate change accelerating.

In attempting to address and process a myriad of internal dialogues associated with capitalism, climate justice and romance, a conclusion was arrived at: a house is only a home, if a heart can find shelter within its walls. TRANSIENT, presents a passageway through the heart’s labyrinth curating a meditation on the varied products and by-products of a capitalistic society.

TRANSIENT, is a collaboration with long time friend Guadalupe Rocha, an artist whose goal is to create a sensory experience that blurs the lines between sound and vision. Epul Roch, his musical and occasional visual project, uses instruments and electronics to craft intricate sonic soundscapes. It is Rocha’s belief that the performer and listener, respectively, are arrayed like ever-shifting plot points on an uncharted sonic grid, creating an all-encompassing experience. “When the mode of the music changes, the walls of the city shake.”