Thank Yous:

Reflecting on being supported by a community.
February 2021

    I used to wonder what it meant when Jesus said, "If you've seen me, you have seen my father." I understood, but I could not contextualize where I fit in that equation.

    Then I realized that I had so many folks to thank for the wisdom I possess, my experiences...literally everything.

    It was when I realized the amount of time, energy, grace and patience my family has had with me, even as I struggled with my own identity and how I fit in the world, that I actually felt what it meant to be grateful.

    I had and have so many folks to thank for helping me move forward, by helping to moving the mountains I faced in my journey.

    So, when you see me, know that you're not looking an individual but an entire community of supporters and well-wishers, known and unknown.

    Once you grasp that fact, know that I will never turn my back on them, nor turn them away and will make every sacrifice to not only protect, but suppport and encourage them to challenge themselves to be as great as I know them to be.

    Thank ya'll so much! You don't even know how many times you've literally saved my life. I offer so much of myself because so many offered as much of themselves to make sure I could arrive here.