[Be Still]:

Reflecting on the continuation and conversion of a video series to a multidisciplinary project.
June 2024

    Three years ago I moved back to my hometown, Bay City, Texas. As is usually the case for most people returning to home, many things stuck out to me, one of which pointed to an absence.

    In 2022, a year after returning, I began a search for a consistent, convenient and hospitable space to work outdoors. During many of these brief stints in parks and public spaces I would involuntarily recall memories transporting me to landscapes from nearly three decades ago. Many of these spaces were either repurposed, left derelict and abandoned, completely removed or demolished.

    That same year, I was invited to be a participating artist in SITE Gallery's 2022 Sculpture Month exhibition, SYNAPTIC. Interpolation [A Path of Light], my contribution to the group exhibition, was an opportunity for me to utilize these locations and the experience of remembering and reliving experiences. By uniting these concepts along with other ideas relating to the impermanence of our physical presence, the installation highlighted the individual and the living memory and the reconciliation one must continually exist within when examining life, love, joy, grief, community and solitude.

    [Be Still], originally a video project, has transitioned into becoming an ongoing dialogue focusing of the photographic preservation of space in relation to physical presence of people, 28.968384, -95.969760 is the first collection of images.